Thursday, February 17, 2005

EJB 3.0 Draft 2

Draft 2 of the EJB 3.0 spec is out. You can download the spec from Sun. It's good to see this come together. Give us your feedback.

Where is the rain?

When I moved to Seattle, I was ready for a long, dark, and *wet*
winter. But I was also looking forward to hitting the slopes on
weekends and even promised myself to go night skiing. Reality has
been very different. It's been sunny for the vast majority of days.
We've only had a few rainy days in the past 2 months. In fact, it
has been raining less here than it did in the Bay Area. The ski
resorts are all closed. I'm beginning to think that the rain is a
myth. It's also been very clear and my commute allows me to get a
good peak of 3 national parks (Olympics, Mt Rainer, and Cascades).
Some my friends here keep telling me that it's different, but I'm
beginning to think that it's their way of keeping the Californians out
of here and thus keeping the house prices so low (at least
relatively). The temperature is about 5-10 degrees cooler, however.
But I never mind that given all the cold places that I grew up in.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Interesting theories

The following are my favorite theories of all time:

Tailgating might increase the number of accidents you have but it will result in safer accidents. The damage in an accident is proportional to the relative speed difference between the two cars. As the distance between two cars decreases, the difference in speed during an accident is reduced since there is less time for the cars to hit each other.

Studies have shown that ones brain is as smart as its weakest cells. Studies have also shown that alcohol kills the weakest brain cells first. So drink heavily!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Just work you stupid thing. Vonage sucks.

Recently, I got Vonage VOIP service for home. Luckily, I didn't cancel our regular phone number. The quality has two issues: there is a longer latency. I did a little ping/pong with my dad last weekend and the latency was at least 3x compared to my cell phone. But in reality, this is not that bad as it's still <1s.

But worse, the international quality is not always great. Certainly, the technology is not there yet. The worse thing about this is all the setup. First, I attached the Linksys phone router to one of our two netgear wireless devices at home. The voice quality was horrid. The problem is that the phone router needs to be in front to give high priority to voice packets to reduce the latency. But if I do that, I cannot VPN to my work (who knows why, but our IT guy told me that others have had this problem). So I had to put another router in front of all of these. At this point, comcast runs into all sorts of problems. I wish it just worked -- like regular, old phones. I'm cancelling vonage soon unless this *just* works. We do make a decent amount of international calls. So I guess I wanted to save some cash and play with cool technology. I should have tried out skype first as it's easier to setup. I've spent at least a couple of hours unplugging network/power cabels to get something as simple as a phone to work. My grand parents had phones many years ago. Why can't it be as simple and reliable?

In a recent talk in Stanford's EE380, the lecturer said networking is the opposite of drugs dealing: with drugs, the first packet is free and the rest are not, but with networks the first packet is expensive but the rest are almost free.