Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Talk is Live

We just released Google Talk! I think the name speaks for itself, but it lets you IM and call your friends.

It's also based on an open standard called XMPP so it already works with iChat, Trillian, Gaim, etc. We're also committed to federation with other networks. IM should be open like Email and the Web where users have a choice of provider, operating system, and browser/client.

It's also been a lot of fun to work on something that impacts me personally given all the international phones calls that I make. :)

Your can read more by going to Google News.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you, all of you.

Thank you for using XMPP.

Thank you for going for open federation.

Thank you for taking apart GoogleTalkTheService (STUN & Relay) from GoogleTalkTheProtocol (XMPP signaling).

Thank you for opening GoogleTalkTheProtocol, I know you are going to do it.

Thank you for, at last, a good clean and lean XMPP client (I'm dying to see your implementation of Chatrooms and Groupchat).

Thank you for putting the final stone needed for opening IM.

I know that in the end this is your bussiness, and although this is clearly gonna make you earn much more money it's weird that so many people on so many companies didn't seem to get the clue.

Ok, stop reading, Hurry you fools! and finish coding S2S.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when does it ll be possible to call phones as well?

3:45 PM  

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