Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bike pedaling and study on email lowering IQ

A friend recently gave me a tip on how to pedal a bike. Most of us push down on the pedal. For those of us with clipless pedals, we push down while pulling up with the other foot. This is all wrong. Apparently, it's better to push forward while pulling back with the other foot, a little like kicking a ball forward and backward (of course you can only do this with clipless pedals). I tried this today on a long 70 miles ride. The difference is like a civic vs an M3. I was also a lot less tired at the end. Pushing up/down uses a very limited range of muscles. Kicking has a much better power transfer and uses more muscles. I'm a believer. But it's hard to change a habit and it required a lot of concentration at the start to not push down.

On a non sequitur, a new study has shown that email is bad for intelligence (about twice as bad as marijuana!). I wonder if this is another reason why startups do better than big companies?! I also wonder if the same goes for following blogs.


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what about videogames elevating the IQ?

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