Monday, April 10, 2006

A funny and sad lesson from history

I've heard a few stories on how people started to be vegetarian, but none of them sound convincing to me. After all, humans evolved together as hunters, so why would some groups suddenly stop eating meat. The following theory is the latest attempt to explain this.

Back in the Stone Age, humans discovered how they can build tools using stones for hunting. They attached sharp stones to a long stick for hunting. Well, there was one person named Bubba who always missed and was never able to hunt. It wasn't his fault. The poor guy had lazy eye. Each day, he was the only person in his tribe who returned home empty handed. His family, especially children, were always sad and hungry. He wanted to stop going hunting as it was futile. So he finally came up with the idea of being vegetarian and that's how it all started. He was quickly kicked out of the tribe, so Bubba started recruiting other people who always missed from other tribes and formed a new tribe. Over the years, many cultures who share Bubba in their lineage consider being vegetarian a virtue. As usual, the truth got lost along the way!

History is often full of untold stories. And the legend of a courageous Bubba who dared to be different from those around him should be celebrated more in today's centrist world where most people sadly strive to be the first person to be like everyone else. Long live Bubba!


Anonymous Abhi said...

Love how you portray Bubba as "courageous" rather than "handicapped". But it does make for a very interesting version of history :). If it were true, look how the tides have changed. The inept now passing judgement from their moral high background.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous vendita auto said...

yes i fully agree

3:51 PM  

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