Sunday, September 12, 2004

The election is getting closer. Many people were calling this the most important election in decades. But as the date nears, I find that Kerry is standing for less and less. Bush certainly has all the advantage. And sadly, I think the Democrats really just gave up on this race a long time ago when they did not give the ticket to a better person -- I still think that Clark had the upper hand. Unless something crazy happens, I really think that Bush will just win again. In fact, I don't think that it'll be as close as last time. Gore at least had some of the Clinton momentum behind him. Kerry's opinions on issues is not very strong. He can't even tell us what he really thinks about the war. I know he's trying to appeal to more people by staying neutral. But that's his biggest problem. As much I don't like Bush and his foreign policy, I certainly will not be happy voting for Kerry. I'm going to wait until 5pm in November. If the race is not close, I'll vote for Nader. At least he stands for something. And he's a smart guy. I doubt that this election is going to have a bigger turn out than usual. You really think that everyone is going to get out and vote after the fiasco of what happened in 2000. That's really sad. I think there should be a tax penalty or something for those who don't vote. It's so sad that people don't exercise the right that many people in history died for.